Data Access

BlueTides consists of three elements: The BlueTides Simulation + BlueTides API + BlueTides Data-Sharing Portal.

The BlueTides simulation project within the McWilliams Center for Cosmology is currently storing terabytes of files on computer systems including the Bridges supercomputer at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center. That data contains both input and result files of interest, and these data artifacts can be now accessed by researchers either by downloading the simulation files, or by exploring the data using an API.

BlueTides API

BlueTides-API is a REST API for the BlueTides Cosmology data. It exposes the data through a number of documented endpoints for querying it and interacting with it. It is also easy-to-use and eases access to BlueTides cosmology data for internal and external Cosmology researchers. COSMO can lay the foundations for providing indexing and search capabilities for datasets, data attribution, and readily execution of common analysis tasks. This website provides clear documentation with examples of how to use the data through the API, how to get visualizations from it, and a description of the different entities that integrate it.

BlueTides Data-Sharing Portal

The BlueTides Data-Sharing Portal a web page for browsing the different directories that compose the BlueTides Dataset, and you should use it when there is a need to download specific folders from the dataset over a web browser; or when you would like to transfer the complete dataset to your HPC resources over Globus (outside PSC's Bridges).


In this web portal, there are three sections: API Reference, Data Structure, and Tutorial.